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Dhamma Talk - Buddhist Mind-States Management | Bhante Bodhidhaja | 24 Feb 2019

March 3, 2019

In this talk, Bhante Bodhidhaja focuses on relating with difficult or negative states of mind. Once a problem has arisen, we learn how to "let it be" and "let it go". Bhante goes on to define the problem clearly by explaining unwholesome habits and difficult mind states. He defines the origin (samudaya) and ending (Atthangama) of these mind states. He describes it as Priming, triggering and overreaction. By not feeding it, giving it space, gaining perspective, we can extinguish these negative mind states. He explains relating to anger in terms of gratification, danger and the escape from it. In summary, through the practice of four great efforts of "Let it be", "Let it go", "let it grow", "let it show" we can cultivate wholesome mind states and abandon unwholesome mind states.

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